How often do you release new jumpers?
We try to release new jumpers every 2 or 3 weeks, but don't quote us, it's in no consistent fashion. You can sign up to our newsletter to be informed when new ones go live. 
Where do you get your towels from?
We source 90% of our towels within Australia.

Do you have any more like this one?

Most likely no because each jumper is one of a kind and are dependant on the towels we randomly source. It can happen that you do get lucky and can find another of the same, so feel free to reach out to us or keep checking the site. 

How do I wash my Jamoo?

We recommend a machine cold wash.

What if my Jamoo gets a hole?

This is a simple fix. Please send us an email or instagram DM; we can offer advice on how to repair or we are also happy to repair for you. 

Can I use my own towels?

We love for you to! And we provide a sweet di$count. Send us an email / instagram DM to coordinate. 

Can I try Jamoos on? 

Yes we stock at various shops in Australia in NSW, VIC and QLD.

Our studio / showroom is in Sydney. Please get in touch to come in, we would love to meet you.